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Nutritional Horse Licks For Improved Health And Well-being

Having a lick for your horse offers horse owners the unique opportunity to encourage natural trickle feeding patterns, balance the nutritional deficiencies in forage and grazing and support specific health concerns. So whether you are looking for a specific lick or a boredom breaker for your horse here at Burnhills we have every base covered.

Horslyx are a popular well known brand which offers a variety of licks to help support your horse in different areas. If your horse suffers with respiratory problems or mobility problems then have a look at their range and see how their product can help your horse.

The ever popular NAF Himalayan Salt Lick ensures that your horse can replenish its own salt levels, especially useful after your horse has lost salts through sweating. For those horses that are a bit fussy and prefer a tastier choice in life the Rockies come in various flavours such as Apple, Carrot, Mint and many more so why not find their favourite flavour?

We all know that a horse which is confined to a stable for long periods of time, whether on box rest or through the winter months, need stimulating and the Uncle Jimmys licks and the Lickit range provide a perfect source of entertainment for your horse. With various ways of hanging the licks and lots of flavours to choose from they are the perfect boredom breaker. Check our our range of Lick Holders & Toys