Burnhills recently announceddetails of its new ‘prickly partnership’ with Oggles– a local Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for hedgehogs, run by Vicky Greenwood.

The facts surrounding the serious decline in the hedgehog population of the UK speak for themselves – the numbers have dropped by 95% since the 1950’s. Vicky’s quest – with the help of her partner Steve –is to therefore help save these endearing creatures by welcoming any ill and injured patients into her home and nursing them back to health, before returning them to their natural habitat.

For almost six years this hedgehog heroine has been running Oggles from her home in Dewsbury, where she currently houses 140 hedgehogs!

As a loyal customer of Burnhills– and the latest recipient of food donations and discounts to assist in the running of her ‘hogspital’ – Vicky will be attending the store on Saturday 7th May with some of her spiky friends. She aims to help raise awareness of the troubles that these rare mammals encounter daily, provide information on the work that Oggles does, and advise people how they can get on board with her mission!

So, why not pop the date in your diary? Come down to our Cleckheaton HQ to meet her, see some hedgehogs and gain an insight into the work that everyone must do, to ensure these little creatures stick around for longer than the figures would suggest!