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Wood Shavings Horse Bedding From Snowflake

Snowflake Shavings are manufactured by Plevin, a family owned company with a proven reputation for producing high-quality, sustainable products. Snowflake is a huge name in Horse Bedding with their two flagship products Snowflake Supreme Shavings and Snowflake Softchip Shavings. Snowflake equestrian products are subjected to rigorous quality control checks at every stage. A state of the art dust extraction system reduces the risk of respiratory problems associated with bedding choices in horses. A dust free environment in the stable supports the well being of your horse, maintaining peak health and fitness.

Snoflake Horse bedding products are a natural bedding choice. The wood we useed to manufacture these products is sourced within the UK from sustainable resources, making it environmentally friendly too. Being biodegradable, the wood flake sizes of Snowflake bedding rot down quickly on the muck heap into a reusable compost.

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