Pet v Family - who do you prefer to spend down time with?

In a recent Twitter poll, we asked the question ‘When feeling low or blue, who do you prefer to spend time with?’ A whopping 93% of respondents voted to spend time with their pets over friends or family!

So why is it that pet owners want to be closer to their animals than a relative when feeling down? Maybe the simplest answer is because no one will love you more unconditionally than your pet. They are always there for you, always agree with you, and never answer back. No matter what has happened throughout a course of a day, they will always treat you in the same way. We’re not sure if there’s anything more comforting than the reassuring lick of a pet!

But it seems that it’s not only our Twitter voters who prefer to spend down time with their pets – a survey by Winalot revealed that 55% of dog owners felt more relaxed and 44% were more optimistic after spending time with their dog.Not only that, but 1 in 4 said that their dog was their best friend.

If you consider your pet a best friend, we have a number of treats to show your pet how loved they really are:

·   This Likit Boredom Breaker is sure to make your horse neigh with happiness!

·    These fish Deli Treats are the perfect way to show your cat appreciation for all the times they’ve been a shoulder to cry on!

·    This Tugger will have your dog playing for hours – we think you’ll get bored of playing with it before they do!

·    Maybe you have a pet hen that you tell all your problems to– if so, this peck block is the ultimate chicken treat!