How many dog owners let their pooch sleep in their room?

In a recent Twitter poll we asked our followers, do you let your dog sleep in your room at night? The findings were pretty equal, with 58% saying yes they do, and 42% deciding against it.

“Heck no” was the response from one individual, who clearly thought her dog should sleep elsewhere in his own bed. Many behavioural experts agree that allowing a dog to sleep in your room isn’t a great idea, as it can lead to them acting like the alpha in your home. Some studies have also shown a link between dogs sleeping in their owner’s bedroom and them pulling on a lead – it all comes down to the absence of leadership ability.

There will be other dog lovers, however, who love the comfort of their pet being close by at night. If you fall into this category, here are a few snippets of advice from our team:


Invest in a good quality dog bed, so your dog has his own space/area in your room

Keep your dog’s coat clean with specially medicated shampoos and flea control remedies

If you start to experience behavioural difficulties, consider training aids that will help when introducing discipline and leadership

Think about whether you’ve got the right dog lead. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your dog on a tight leash can have the completely opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. Some people like the flexibility of a retractable lead whereas others prefer adjusting the tension they hold on a standard lead – it all depends what’s right for you and your dog.

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