At Burnhills, our busy Cleckheaton store is renowned for the variety of products we stock for your pets, horses, small holdings, and you! Our product range is ever changing too, because we constantly review the market to find the most recent innovations, the most nutritional feeds and the season’s newest trends.

You’re welcome to browse our aisles or web pages to find the products that best meet your needs. Or, if you’re keen to know which products we predict will become our 2016 best sellers, you can review the team’s top ten picks:

1. Woof Wear Connect Smart Gloves

Riding gloves perfect for everyday use and during competitions. Keep hands cool and comfortable, and can even be worn when operating touch screen devices.

Woof Wear Connect Smart Gloves

2. Woof Wear Smart Event Boots:-

The ultimate protective boot for your horse, providing a lightweight yet hard-wearing guard and secure fit.

Woof Wear Smart Event Boots

3. Hunter Neoprene Lined Wellingtons

Stylish semi-matte black finish, with orthopaedic fit, neoprene lining for added insulation and durable sole for varied terrain. These wellies tick the boxes for both performance and design!

Hunter Neoprene Lined Wellingtons

4. Happy Pet Canvas Pet Carrier:-

A lightweight, portable and well-ventilated carrier to keep pets safe and comfortable during transit.

Happy Pet Canvas Pet Carrier

5. Chudleys Rabbit Royale:-

This feed, withpellets, micronised cereals, forage, herbs and vegetables, will help ensure a long and healthy life for both adult and growing rabbits.

Chudleys Rabbit Royale

6. Burnhills Wild Bird Seed 20Kg:-

Attract a wide variety of wild birds into your garden with this economically priced multi-seed feed.

Burnhills Wild Bird Seed 20Kg

7. TurnockInfra Red Heat Lamp Unit:-

A long life heat lamp designed for use with bulbs of up to 250w. Supplied with reflector guard, 2m chain, 3m power cable and plug, this is a versatile heat lamp for your smallholding.

TurnockInfra Red Heat Lamp Unit

8. Provimi Multimilk 5Kg:-

An easy to mix, multi-purpose milk replacement to promote healthy growth and development in young animals.


Provimi Multimilk 5Kg

9. Hotmax High Energy Fuel Logs 20Kg:-

An environmentally friendly fuel for woodburners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, BBQs and chimeneas, creating clean, high heat energy with low CO2 and ash.

Hotmax High Energy Fuel Logs

10. Likit Boredom Breaker:-

When hung in your stable, this multi-directional lick toy will swing and spin, making your horses work hard for their treat!

Likit Boredom Breaker

Need some particular product advice? Contact our team of equestrian, pet and small holding specialists on 01274 872423 or why not pop in to discuss your needs?

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