Does having an animal in the office promote productivity?

In a recent Twitter poll, we asked our followers, do office pets promote productivity? There was a resounding vote for ‘’yes, absolutely!’’, with 83% of participants believing that office pets are a great idea.

Just one example of a pet-friendly business is Nestlé, who encourage staff to take their dogs to work with them. There are a number of potential benefits to office pets - such as reduced stress, higher positivity, a feeling of freedom, and improved productivity in the workplace.

So do you intend to follow suit? If you’re considering taking a pet to work, remember these five key tips:

  1. Be respectful - if a co-worker has a pet allergy or doesn’t like animals, then remember to run the idea past them first, and try to keep your pet’s distance from them


  1. If you intend to take your dog to work, invest in a good quality dog bed. Keep it in your home for a few weeks first so that your dog recognises its smell and feels familiarity when he’s laid in it


  1. Take a water bowl so that your pet can stay hydrated and a lead for when they need the toilet!


  1. Make sure your pet is kept happy with toys and treats so that they don’t become bored, and in turn, lower office productivity


  1. If you know that your pet will be uncomfortable, then think about leaving them at home. An unhappy pet isn’t fun for anyone!

If you don’t think that taking your pet to work all year round is for you, then consider it for just one day a year! National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is confirmed for 24th June 2016, with money raised donated to dog charity, All Dogs Matter.